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Patient-centricity and beyond: Is your value chain ready for the future?

(Bio)pharma companies and medical device manufacturers are facing rapidly changing market conditions. The industry environment is characterized by more and more regulations, tougher market requirements as well as increasing pricing pressure from health insurers and health consumers.

Globalization of the entire value chain, the rise of new competitors, pharmerging markets as well as an increasingly tough race at the innovation front to replace products running out of patent protection put pharma companies under heavy pressure. The convergence of healthcare, nanotechnology and digitization puts in question current business models, structures and processes.

However, despite this increasingly volatile and complex environment, companies have to meet their core mission: to provide medication to the patient – in a fast, safe and reliable manner.

CAMELOT understands these challenges and helps life sciences companies build excellent patient-centric value chains that are agile without jeopardizing profitability.

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Dr. Josef Packowski
Managing Partner

Are segmented pharma supply chains the model of the future?

The video provides some key learnings from our 7th PHARMA Management Radar survey on differentiated supply chains.

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"In light of the increasingly complex and volatile market environment, traditional supply chains are outdated. The future belongs to differentiated, digitized and patient-centric supply chains creating added value for the patient."

Dr. Josef Packowski, Managing Partner

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