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Mastering the challenges of IDMP

The aim of IDMP is to build a comprehensive list of medicines and substances in the EU across companies and jurisdictions via internationally harmonized definitions. Its ultimate goal: increase the patients’ safety through reliable, accessible data with a common vocabulary to improve communication and enable fast decision-making.

Challenges of IDMP

IDMP is as much about organizational changes (e.g. new responsibilities and data governance required) as it is about IT and data requirements.

CAMELOT has recognized IDMP as an organizational challenge. We help our clients to tackle the change management and governance aspects of IDMP.

Mastering the challenges – Top steps to take

  • Bridge the gap between the involved stakeholders
  • Build the organization for data gathering
  • Define the right governance level
  • Change management

Most pharmaceutical companies have set up a program to prepare for IDMP. However, these programs often lack integration with further ongoing initiatives like ERP and Master Data Management (MDM) programs.

When defining the IDMP strategy, CAMELOT strongly recommends to align the IDMP program with ongoing MDM initiatives: IDMP is the right momentum to improve your product master data and integrate the regulatory requirements into a wider master data strategy.


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