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Transparency is the key to successfully managing the supply chain

The trend towards globalizing companies’ internal and external supply chains makes it increasingly difficult to manage complexity and develop an efficient management system.

In order to make flexible decisions in your daily operations in terms of supply chain visibility, information and events in the supply chain must be visible and have to be analyzed. Coordinated performance rating systems enable a company to implement a supply chain strategy and consistently improve performance management.

Advanced information technologies and concepts (e.g. track and trace, mobile computing, business intelligence and analytics) are important for providing real-time information and processing it to be used in the decision-making process.

CAMELOT’s expertise for Supply Chain Visibility and Performance:

  • Developing a coherent supply chain performance management strategy, which measures and evaluates activities that need to be changed or improved
  • Assessing your strategy, key performance indicators and support systems for supply chain visibility and performance management to define a roadmap for improvements
  • Implementing new approaches for creating a transparent supply chain that will provide real-time warning signals and reports in case orders, deliveries and inventories show discrepancies
  • Using “advanced supply chain analytics” for optimizing the supply chain on the basis of facts. CAMELOT has developed specific supply chain analysis and forecast models for this purpose
  • Linking supply chain visibility and performance management to simplify the decision-making process on an operating and strategic level

Through our collaboration with technology partners we are able to also assist you with implementing support systems that deliver reliable information from the correct sources in the right format to the correct decision-makers and places at the right time.


Patrick Wolf

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