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A successful supply chain strategy is customer-centric

Optimization projects along the supply chain are very often focused on pure cost reduction. As a consequence, companies miss the opportunity to use their supply chain as a competitive advantage.

What good is your hard work closing a mayor deal only to learn that you are not able to deliver on time because your supply chain is not up to speed? This endangers future sales! Customers will switch to the competition. Without a clear and consequent supply chain strategy your supply chain will be your competitive disadvantage.

Besides clear cost and efficiency targets, additional performance criteria that reflect the needs of your customers are necessary. CAMELOT can help you to develop the right supply chain strategy so that your supply chain becomes your competitive advantage.

Elements of an effective supply chain strategy:

  • Analyzing, segmenting and specifying customer requirements
  • Defining and coordinating efficiency and performance objectives for your supply chain
  • Designing a tailor-made supply chain strategy
  • Vision and mission
  • Objectives and KPIs
  • Network and structure
  • Processes and organization
  • Employees and qualifications
  • Systems and tools
  • Execution planning
  • Successful implementation
  • Continuous improvement

Together with our clients we develop an individual supply chain strategy which is in line with their current business strategy. We consistently take the existing business processes, organizational structures and IT infrastructure of our clients into account.


Patrick Wolf

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