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Secure supply chains are key for competitive edge

Globalization and LEAN manufacturing initiatives increase the risks within a company’s supply chain. In procurement, global outsourcing and pooling can lead to price fluctuations, long lead times, inflexible capacities or quality problems. Natural disasters also present a risk to on-time deliveries of goods, replacement parts and commodities. Managing these risks in a systematic way increases the reliability of your supply chain in the long term, thereby also increasing your company’s operational efficiency.

Successful Supply Chain Risk Management

CAMELOT has developed innovative methods and tools for providing supply chain security and supply chain risk management, which increase the efficiency and security of the supply chain and put companies one step ahead of their competitors.

Operational  benefits

  • Early detection of risks
  • Improved ability to respond to unexpected events
  • Avoidance of “firefighting”
  • Maintaining business operations

Strategic benefits

  • Risk profiles as a basis for strategic decisions
  • Early indicator for efficient resource allocation
  • Improved compliance with legal requirements

CAMELOT’s Supply Chain Risk Management expertise

  • Quantifying, monitoring and managing supply chain risks at every stage of the product lifecycle
  • Developing the agility, flexibility and reliability of your supply chain, reducing supply chain risks with regard to fluctuating demand, inventories, capacities, prices and availability
  • Implementing supply chain security management to minimize the impact and consequences of disruptions to the supply chain


Patrick Wolf

SCRM in the Automotive Industry

Supply chains in the automotive industry become increasingly vulnerable and insecure. Therefore, the importance of identifying risks in the supply chain and reacting before they cause serious economic damages is rising.

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