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Perfect interplay of value chains

An integrated, high-performing supply chain management for complex, multi-stage value chains is a critical strategic factor for maintaining your competitive edge.

The aim is to guarantee the smoothest, most standardized possible flow of materials through all stages of the value chain. Besides configuring and harmonizing your production capacities, the corresponding integration and optimization of information flows plays an essential role in being able to supply your customers cost-efficiently.

In this respect, a one-dimensional optimization of your cost position is not sufficient. A successful supply chain management is an integrated discipline through which you can coordinate value chains that are as lean as possible, while taking the risks into account and maintaining an outstanding service level.

With our experienced team, we accompany you on your way to Supply Chain Management excellence.  CAMELOT offers concepts, methods and solutions which improve the organization of your supply chain management significantly and sustainably change it, in terms of corporate culture, processes, and the use of information technology.


Patrick Wolf

How to achieve a best-in-class supply chain organization

This video provides some key learnings from our latest study „Supply chain organization in discrete manufacturing industries“.

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