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Mastering Digital Transformation

New game changing technologies have made it to market in the last years. They increase our capabilities, push the amount, speed and variety of digital information and enable new ways of applying this information. As a result, enhanced as well as new business models are emerging which challenge classical markets or even create their own. Only companies that are able to gather, manage and link information in form of data (digitalization) will be able to do the next step: use the information in an innovative way in order to gain insights, invent new value propositions and/or innovative process improvements (digital transformation).

How can companies sustainably stay ahead of competition and master digital transformation in the fast-changing business world?

CAMELOT’s Digital Transformation Framework helps companies to successfully tackle this challenge.

Digital Transformation Framework

(Example questions to be answered)

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Digital Transformation Strategy

  • What are our Digital Transformation goals, values, vision, mission and strategy in alignment with the corporate strategy?
  • What is our Digital Transformation roadmap?

Organizational Design and Culture

  • How does our organization and decision-making processes have to change? (swarm organization, cross functional teams, central /decentral digital transformation department)
  • Does our company culture support innovation? (e.g. trial and error culture, entrepreneurship)
  • Do we have all required skills in the organization, which roles / profiles are missing(e.g. Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst)
  • How do we need to set up the innovation process in order to foster Digital Transformation? (e.g. innovation garage, design thinking, gate process e.g. stage gate, agile methods e.g. SCRUM)
  • How to involve external resources in order to generate new ideas? (e.g. startup acquisition, joint venture, incubator, open innovation, crowd sourcing)
    How to collaborate in order to provide end-to-end solutions?

External Perspective (Products/ Services/ Image)

  • How can we create value for our customers through smart products and services?
  • How smart are my products and services?
  • How can information be combined with products and services in order to enhance them or to create new ones?
  • How to define a digital self of the company and how can this be supported by data/information?
  • Which innovative technologies can be used in order to improve products /services?

Internal Perspective (Processes/ Data)

  • How smart are my internal processes? (e.g. predictive maintenance, predictive planning, smart contracts)
  • How can we use and combine information in order to improve/automate processes?
  • Where could we collaborate with customers/partners in order to improve internal processes?
  • How to use data to support a smart company and industry 4.0? (e.g. smart factory, micro factories, RFID, 3D printing, M2M communication, one2one logistic, lot size one)

IT capabilities

  • Which new IT technologies can we use in order to support the business? (blockchain, big data, in memory computing (e.g HANA), cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality)
  • Is our IT ready for Digital Transformation?

Change Management (CM)

  • Which stakeholders are important and need to be considered? How to involve them?
  • How to manage and communicate the change in processes, technologies, products and services?
  • How to assess and (if required) change the company culture?
  • What are our training needs?

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