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Roadmap to sustainable information management

The information management world presents several challenges and opportunities, which can evolve quickly. At the same time, the strategies and models in place are too slow to respond to these changes.

  • Mergers & acquisitions, historically grown processes, multiple IT systems and unclear responsibilities lead to gaps in information management
  • Changing environments with high complexity and increased regulations require efficient information handling and a high data quality standard
  • Reduction of costs without disregard to meet quality targets is crucial  to gain or protect important competitive advantages in a global environment

CAMELOT helps you to establish a clear vision and develop strategies to optimize the development, maintenance and operation of information management processes. In addition, we support you with a powerful information governance and organization as well as the ability to identify and assess any potential cost reduction opportunities and elaborate a business case to clearly determine benefits.

We help you build an information strategy that is specific to your business strategy and together with you outline the roadmap on how to reach the strategic targets and vision along all relevant dimensions.

CAMELOT has the expertise and global network to evaluate a timely and focused optimization strategy for you.


Henrik Baumeier

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