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Rules and standards for information and data

The complexity of information that needs to be managed is permanently rising. One of the key success factors when it comes to sustainably supporting and improving services and processes within the area of information management is a governance structure that functions as a framework for all activities.

Information governance provides this structure, including defined tasks, roles, and according responsibilities. It sets standards and guidelines, and monitors all activities to ensure they are aligned with corporate strategy. The key mission is to develop and enforce regulations to ensure an optimal operation of information management processes and projects.

The following questions have to be considered:

  • What are tasks and responsibilities of the governance organization?
  • Which roles and associated skills are required to fulfill these tasks?
  • How does the organizational structure and positioning look like?
  • Who is responsible for the organization?
  • Which structures and processes need to be established to assure an efficient working mode?

CAMELOT has developed a comprehensive approach to answering these questions and design and implement a best-fit information governance and organization tailored to your company’s needs and specifics. Within our numerous projects in this area, our consultants have built up extensive experience to optimally support you in every phase of your journey.


Henrik Baumeier

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