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Decision-makers need relevant information at the right time

CAMELOT supports you systematically in the development and implementation of adequate reporting concepts.

Our philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • “Primacy of decision relevance” – the right assignment of actually relevant reporting contents to report recipients and decision makers
  • The achievement of a high degree of automation – “Report utilization” instead of “report generation”
  • Optimal integration of financial and functional as well as forward-looking and qualitative information (e.g. commenting)
  • Standardization of reporting processes and clear definition of governance and responsibilities
  • Sensible integration of elements such as Mobile Reporting and Dashboarding

A company’s internal reporting system is primarily tasked with providing control impulses and the best possible support for decision-makers on all levels and in all functional areas. In practice however, internal reporting does not always fulfil this task on a satisfactory note.

Typical deficits are:

  • An excess of information within an excess number of reporting products, which obstruct the view to control-relevant information
  • Outdated reporting products no longer convey the information relevant for steering
  • Contradictory statements regarding identical facts, caused by the lack of a “Single Point of Truth” in the sense of clear data maintenance or by heterogeneous KPI definitions
  • No utilization of comments and management recommendations within the scope of reporting control processes
  • Low degrees of automation and complex processes lead to overly high effort in report generation – focus on generating instead of utilizing reports

Depending on the individual shape of a project initiative, we bring in our extensive industry- and functional-specific know-how.


Stefan Spieler
Head of Finance & Performance Management

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John Naisbit (born 1929)

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