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Translate and harmonize business and IT perspectives

Increasing digitization and the continuously changing economic and social environment signify an increased use of IT solutions in all segments. Camelot has experienced project managers, for whom the interaction in the tension field between IT and the departments is “daily business”. Through efficient project management, combined with qualified interface management, we ensure that the optimum solution is implemented for the entire company.

Why mediation between business and IT is necessary:

  • The number of collaborative projects between IT and Business is on the rise
  • The significance of IT as a strategic competitive advantage is on the increase
  • IT support is required to tackle the ever increasing flood of information and the associated data volume
  • The system landscapes in companies are becoming more heterogeneous
  • The use of IT solutions is imperative for the flexibilization and additional automation of business processes

In traditional project management, the interface management between the departments and IT is not taken sufficiently into account. The communication and department-specific “translation” of requirements are rarely prioritized in accordance with their importance.

Communication between IT and the departments is very often characterized by misunderstanding and conflicts, which influence project processing efficiency and frequently lead to exceeded budgets, sunk cost and delays or impaired quality with regard to the solutions.

The project manager is increasingly becoming an intermediary in the tension field between business and IT. To find and implement the best possible solutions for the company, IT and department views have to be harmonized. Qualified project management with a focus on the interface between IT and the departments is a central success factor.

CAMELOT’s services:

  • Interface Management between the departments and IT
  • Support during individual or several project phases
  • Taking over project management incl. the control of externals
  • Quality assurance as an independent third party

Depending on customer requirements, we support all project-related tasks, from the role of a dedicated interface manager all the way to taking over project management.

Stefan Spieler
Head of Finance & Performance Management

Central elements in the tension field between Business and IT:

"People who have chosen different ways cannot make plans together."

Confucius (551-479 B.C.)

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